LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7 Camshaft

Camshafts: Consider the camshaft. On the one hand, it's a simple thing, a stick with bumps on it. It sits above the crankshaft, linked to it by a timing chain, and spins at half the crankshaft's speed. The camshaft's rotary motion is converted, through a lifter, pushrod, and rocker arm, to linear motion. Voila, the valves open and the engine operates. If only it were that easy. The configuration of those bumps--more accurately referred to as lobes-defines the performance personality of an internal-combustion engine. By determining when an engine's valves will be open, and how long they will stay open, the camshaft determines how much power an engine will make. It also dictates where this power will be made throughout the engine's rpm range. And that's just for starters. The camshaft is often called the brains of the engine, and that brain determines what kind of powerplant you will have. The first step in choosing a cam is, quite simply, honesty--brutal honesty. "Motor specifics are important, but so is setting out your purposes and realistic goals," says Lunati's James Humphrey. "The most common issue we see is that people don't think about where they're heading," chimes in Comp Cams engineer Billy Godbold. We all like to think we can make use of a car that makes 500 hp at 6,000 rpm, but is this really the case? Is the vehicle in question meant for bracket-race duty, or is it a Pro Touring creation for a cross-country trip? If it's a street/strip car, how much of its time will be spent on the strip and how much on the street? Or are you in the performance-street category, just looking for a bit more kick in your daily driver?  LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7 Camshaft, aftermarket camshaft, aftermarket camshafts, camaro camshaft, camshaft, camshaft bearing, camshaft design, camshaft duration, camshaft grinding, camshaft installation, camshaft kits, camshaft replacement, camshaft specifications, camshaft tool, camshafts, camshafts for sale, chevrolet camshaft, chevy camshaft, chevy camshafts, comp camshaft, comp camshafts, competition camshafts, corvette camshaft, crane camshaft, custom camshaft, custom camshafts, engle camshafts, gm camshaft, high performance camshaft, high performance camshafts, ls1 camshaft, ls1 camshafts, ls2 camshaft, lunati camshaft, lunati camshafts, performance camshaft, performance camshafts, racing camshaft, racing camshafts, roller camshaft,


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